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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

calm and delighted by the world

I spent yesterday with Kim, Zak, Violet and others in Bailey Park, mostly playing with Violet and talking while people played volleyball. Violet is amazing. At 9 months old she already has so many qualities that I am working toward achieving. She is happy, mellow, interested in the world around her and prone to big smiles. I started calling her PFS baby, because she always seems to have a perpetual faint smile. Faint smile while playing with my bracelets, faint smile while looking at dogs, and big smiles when interacting with adults. It was great to spend time with her. I wish I could be so calm and delighted by the world.

It started to rain lightly while we were there and most of the volleyball players high-tailed it to their cars to wait out the shower. But the CM crew stayed out in the rain. It was fabulous. I love how green everything looks when it is raining. The trees were vibrant, crisp and alive against the stormy sky. I just hung out with everyone, Violet in my lap. Playing with a happy baby in a park in the rain. Dare I say it – life is good.

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