For *those that have just lost their keys *those that are well-versed *inebriated ones *wanderers *mermaids *those that belong elsewhere *whippersnappers *marvelous ones *those that are not included in this classification *those that flutter because the moment is fleeting *boundless ones *those colored with slippery fingerpaint *others *those that resemble someone I know from a distance

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dream don't even got no opposite and i don't know nothing bout love

I guess i could opt for {hate}, finding, remembering, reappearing, and whatever the opposite of dreaming is. Clarity? Sounds okay, except for that whole hate thing. Opposites are complicated not as complicated as dreams. Plus, look at all those re-words up there. Even finding is sort of re-ish, like regaining.

It's all in the re-.



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