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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Super colossal cold front

One of the things that is ridiculous yet somehow lovable about Texas - cold fronts. All of the weather reporters have been going on and on and on about what a big, no giant, no massive cold front we are about to experience. Massive, monster, mammoth. And once this super colossal cold front comes through, just how bone-chillingly cold will it be? 88 degrees. A mere 88 degrees.

What is oh so lovable is that everyone has been looking forward to this stunningly cold 88 degree weather. I am wearing a long-sleeved shirt! And I am excited about it! When I walked out of my apartment this morning, and the sky was overcast and the breeze was actually cool, I nearly wept. No exaggeration, no poetic license - I felt so grateful I really wanted to cry. And then I walked to the bus stop in the wind, listening to the trees crinkle and murmur above me, and I thought about all of that space above my head, up and up and up, space that I never pay any attention to. And I felt grateful.

Gratitude is an unusual emotion for me, probably because I rarely appreciate what I have. But I have been feeling it a lot lately. And I just want to take this little moment to tell everyone who I've met along the way - thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You probably won't hear it from me again, so you better revel in this little moment and soak it up before it vanishes entirely. So, before it's gone, I want to write again - thank you.

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