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Friday, March 31, 2006

I remember now why I hated/loved grad school

"So the body implies a next step of speech or action or knowledge or feeling. That word 'implies' is important to me. Suppose though that I didn't say the body implies the next step. Suppose I said the body is pregnant with the next step. You would say, 'Yes, I understand." Suppose I said the body loves the next step. You would say, 'All right, you can say that.' Suppose I say the body cooks the next step; bakes the next step; lacks the next step, or holds it breath longing for the next step. By this time you would know what I am saying, even if I use no word at all but just write that the body ....s the next step. In that blank, my word "implying" says and is the intricacy which is greater than the scheme that any one of the possible words brings with it....

"Language is implicit in the body. The body knows language....

"But a felt sense comes. And when we have a point to make, words come. You know how words come? We open our mouths and expect. Really, and if they don't come, there is nothing much we can do except try again. This coming is characteristic of the body. What else comes like that? Sleep comes like that, and appetites. If they don't come, you just have to wait. We all know that. Tears come like that, and orgasm. Emotions come like that, and so also this felt sense, which is wider and first not clear, comes like that. Then steps come from that felt sense, and they can be quite new steps, and often more intricate than any common concept or distinction."

Eugene T. Gendlin, from "The Wider Role of Bodily Sense in Thought and Language" in Giving the Body Its Due.


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