For *those that have just lost their keys *those that are well-versed *inebriated ones *wanderers *mermaids *those that belong elsewhere *whippersnappers *marvelous ones *those that are not included in this classification *those that flutter because the moment is fleeting *boundless ones *those colored with slippery fingerpaint *others *those that resemble someone I know from a distance

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lamentation for lost cell phone

without you I am weightless, free
tied to nothing
unbound from satellites
unable to collect voices shot into the atmosphere

there shall be no drunk dials to old lovers
no last minute carnival invitations
no coffeshop photography of ashtrays and stray cats
and what the fuck am I going to do if I have a mood swing?

my tempo unfurling
restful wandering
composing text message after text message



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