For *those that have just lost their keys *those that are well-versed *inebriated ones *wanderers *mermaids *those that belong elsewhere *whippersnappers *marvelous ones *those that are not included in this classification *those that flutter because the moment is fleeting *boundless ones *those colored with slippery fingerpaint *others *those that resemble someone I know from a distance

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Drunken blogging is 157% better than any other blogging subtype.

Should I write about how we are symbols to one another? About how I cannot even see you because of the meaning and history layered between us? Should I write about how I want to saw open my chest and let hundreds of birds fly towards the light? Or should I write about how your fingertips find every sore spot on my body, spots I didn't even know existed, and rub them away.

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