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Thursday, August 02, 2007

I burn with capitalist desire.

Oh dear. Just when I thought I could start saving money, I discover Etsy. Handmade purses with birds on them! Necklaces with skulls and roses! Beautiful random things you didn't know existed like glass thumbtacks! I don't need any of it! So much handmade goodness, so little money. In less than 24 hours I have already spent $45 dollars and fallen in love with Tracy Antonik's work.

I burn with capitalist desire.
My purchases define my identity.
You should buy something for me.



Blogger T.S. said...

Ah, I love hearing of a fellow capitalist enjoying life with the benefits of the Internet and free market. I also enjoyed the post on Monday August 6th. That kind of stuff makes me feel good.

9:23 PM


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