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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Warning: Dancing to this song may cause your brain to re-wire itself

Eurythmics vs. Eminem - Mashup

I's just so...I'm not sure's like...CANNOT.STOP.LISTENING.

I am so transfixed by this. I really think it might be re-wiring my brain. After all, how often do the Eminem-related neurons get to talk with the Eurhytmics-related neurons? NEVER. Granted, the first time I heard it was at Flipside after four days of eating nothing but intoxicants and breakfast tacos, so my judgement might be a little skewed. But it's good, right? You want to listen to it again, right? Plus, I don't know what happens around 1:37, but I do know you should not fight it.

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Blogger tex said...


this is me being speechless.

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