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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Beautiful Problemette

Okay, people, I have a problem. It's not really a big problem, like the failure of the economy, the fact that Sarah Palin might one day be president, or the shooting pain in my stomach. No, it's more of a problemette. And a beautiful problemette at that.

I am obsessed with We Heart It, a "visual bookmark for everyone." I can't stop. Because look at this!
And how much do you love this!And apparently there is a photographic technique known as bokeh and I love it and want to have its babies?And color!
I can't stop. I have been doing this for hours. And when I think I can get away, I end up checking the Flickr Hive Mind and FFFFOUND and getting sucked back in. I need help. Send help. How do you expect one woman to fight the pretty, pretty, prettiness, colors, birds, bokeh, christmas lights, skeletons, Alice in Wonderland, clouds, pretty color prettiness? I'm weak. I can't stop.

Or you can come on over and obsess with me - I'm kissonwetglass .

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Anonymous Fabio Giolito said...

I hope this is a good obsession for you. Thanks for this post and for sharing your love for weheartit =)

Fabio Giolito,
creator of

2:48 PM


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