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Saturday, November 12, 2005

2nd most drunken poem ever

Actually, it is probably the third. There is that one I don't think about, scrawled on cloud paper, full of whispers, that fell into the mysterious space between the bed and the wall, which I never retrieved. Pretending I don't see it on those rare occasions when I remove the socks and the novels and the cds from under my bed. So, third most drunken poem ever. This morning I removed the lines in which I compared love to a slutty, insecure unicorn. Yeah, drunken poetry is uber-fabulous.

I am not drunk-dialing you
even though I am eating left-over Chinese food
plucking bamboo shoots off my breasts
and counting the roaches in my kitchen
even though the night is short, I will not call you
I don’t understand why I am letting you go
Whatever, I’m calling you right now
I want to hear your belief in me
I wait, body heavy, toes numb
imagining the cat toy is a subatomic particle
imagining I am filled with light

When we are older, I will rest you in a basket and set you out to sea
I don’t want you to be a dream from which I will awake

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Blogger Janelle said...

all i can say is wow. its beautiful and sad and i think something that everyone has felt at least one stage in their life in some form or another

12:02 PM

Blogger RedBark said...

You should always write when you are drunk.

Or better, learn how to tap into that energy when you are not.

Thanks for the post.

3:20 PM


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