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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kisses to Christopher

I've always wanted someone to describe me using the phrase, "She's got a mind like a steel trap." But no ever has and I seriously doubt anyone ever will. Which made me wonder, what simile would best describe my mind? I guess there is something a little predatory about the steel trap analogy, and I don't think of my mind as being particularly predatory. I think my mind is somehow like my closet - full of unpacked boxes, lanterns, old writings, games, shoes, dirty laundry, and broken or outdated computer equipment. That sounds about right. And messy. Quite messy. And difficult to maneuver around in or find what you are looking for. Yes


I just called my best friend and asked him to describe my mind. His first answer was, "Like a hive of Africanized killer bees." He then said it depended on which Wendy was running the show. To truly understand my mind, we would need a "psycho-botanist" who could create a "taxonomy of the different manifestations of wendyness."

How can you not fucking love him?

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