For *those that have just lost their keys *those that are well-versed *inebriated ones *wanderers *mermaids *those that belong elsewhere *whippersnappers *marvelous ones *those that are not included in this classification *those that flutter because the moment is fleeting *boundless ones *those colored with slippery fingerpaint *others *those that resemble someone I know from a distance

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Since I prefer poetry over enlarging my penis

Found at the bottom of a spam message:

boisterous borough perfusion dryad judicatory transfer steinberg drive ain't acanthus circumferential bauble catch dreadful cliff director becloud album korea adequate marriageable shawnee power basic festive impressible voltaic politicking garrisonian equitable adiabatic religion sabine convoy erodible hocus monocotyledon helsinki kivu prove despoil artisan nestor granddaughter curse audiovisual demoniac haplology groan sidestepping become machination attendee tear

Is this some mysterious vocabulary spell that confuses spam filters?



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