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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I love the emergence of fabulous new Wendy-beasts!

Back from Burning Flipside where I spent time with some of the loveliest lovelies that ever lovelied. I want to extend a big thank you, sloppy kiss, and smack on the ass to all the people who walked with my in the rain, made me laugh, danced with me, talked with me, let me rub them, fed me, and were just generally 87 different kinds of fantastic. The mildly burnt skin on my shoulders is beginning to peel off, which of course makes me wonder what fabulous new Wendy-beast is about to emerge. There are clearly plenty of things I would love to slough off along with that skin and I am well on my way to doing so.

Of course this is only my second time at Flipside, and I haven't been to Burning Man, but it seems to me that Flipside gives you what you need, even when it is not what you think that you need [Insert Rolling Stones quote here]. I am slowly learning to live my life without the filter of my dreams and expectations getting in the way. That is one of the lessons the universe keeps throwing at my feet lately and I am trying not to kick it out of the way. Okay, I will go ahead and put in the damn quote already. I fought it for four sentences, but sometimes what a blog needs is a Rolling Stones lyric. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need." What I expected at Flipside last time was not what I got, but I did get what I needed. And the same goes for this year. I can only imagine how this dynamic plays out at Burning Man.

Now that I am back in my office, answering emails and drinking coffee, I am naturally thinking about my life, and the life of our society generally. And what I have come up with is a list of What (my) Life Needs, as Gleaned from Flipside. Enjoy.

1. More art
2. More art ON FIRE
3. More touching
4. More pretty lights
5. More accepting attitudes towards sexuality
6. Less judging
7. Less expectations
8. More talking to strangers whom you eventually come to adore
9. More wandering with no destination in mind
10. More having no idea what the hell time it is
11. More realizing that you are actually in a metaphor
12. Less being trapped in your mind
13. More building.
14. More realizing you are alive
15. More hope
16. More fun
17. More beauty
18. More acceptance of impermanence.

Oh and more nudity. We can't forget that.

Kisses to all the Flipizens. MWAH.

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