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Sunday, November 30, 2008

In June, we are going to be friends again. And all I will say is "Thank you."

Last night I dreamt of you. And houses. I dreamt of you and houses last night.

And I woke up. To a three-legged cat who needed to be fed. To a paper that needed to be written because it was due seven months ago. To a desire for a cigarette, even though I quit. Again. For the third time. And I wasn't ready. For any of it. I wasn't ready to miss you terribly.

I miss you terribly.

Because I know what houses mean in dreams. I know what it means that I was moving my clothes out of the closet underneath your stairs. And I was reassuring your girlfriend that there was no broken glass in the carpet. That I was making space for her.

So, because I wasn't ready, I went back to sleep. And dreamt of houses.

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