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Friday, May 29, 2009

We Transform.

I want to thank the spirit of Flipside and Burning Man for showing us, truly, what humans can do. We can create the world that we want. We are creating the world that we want. Thank you for showing us our place in the universe, between the sun and the moon and the stars, above the grass and the earth. We celebrate there, us humans, reveling in our aliveness. We spark, we dance, we love, we build. We transform. Thank you for allowing so many openings - in ourselves, between each another, between us and something higher. Everything we need passes through these openings. I am humbled by and grateful for these gifts. I will do my best to remain open.

Thank you for giving us what we need. Thank you for giving us what we need. Thank you for giving us what we need.

There are no other words.

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