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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Effects of The Pill

* Combined oral contraceptives raise the levels of blood fats, cholesterol, and tryglicerides
* It has been shown that one in every 200 women coming off the pill will have no periods for the rest of their lives and it can take up to two years for the body to return to normal.
* The youngest women have longer exposures to pills, and breast cancer will affect 1 in 4 pill takers.
* The pill raises copper to abnormal levels in the blood, depletes zinc, magnesium, B-vitamins, essential fats and amino acids, which cause depressive symptoms.
* Early cervical cancer in pill takers is epidemic. Only a few years on the pill causes cervical cancer risk to increase 5 - 6 fold
* Studies show that pill takers are more likely to suffer from depression and commit suicide
* Prescribed hormones cause serious vascular illness sooner than smoking, (4 years in pill takers, whilst 25 years in smokers)
* The pill lowers the protective fats in the blood, while elevating the artery clogging fats
* Pill hormones cause cancer of target organs: breast, cervix, endometrium, and ovaries. The cancer occurs from weeks, up to 40 years, after exposure
* A few years on the pill increases melanomas (skin tumors) 2 - 3 fold.
* The risk of rare liver tumor increases with hormone exposure. The risk of benign tumor increases 100-500 times after five years of pill use. Cancerous liver tumors increase 4-5 fold, after eight years of pill use.
* Contraceptive hormones upset immunity causing an increased risk of STDs, infections, cancers, lupus, ME and MS.
* Ex pill takers have more risk of infertility and re-occurent miscarriages
* Magnesium deficiency from pill use causes excess parathormone secretion, which increases bone loss and osteoprosis
* Fibroid growths are stimulated by synthetic oestrogens. Ovarian cysts and ovarian cancers are more common in ex pill takers
* Prescribed hormones contribute to food and skin allergies and cause gut candidia. Many girls on the pill get thrush and or skin allergies.
* Prescribed sex hormones raise levels of stress hormones
* The risk of diabetes occurs with longer exposure. Hypoglycemic symptoms in pill takers is common and are early warning signs of diabetes to come.
* Pill hormones change blood vessels, dilate and thicken arteries and veins in the womb, legs, eyes, brain and throughout the body, ausing migraine, palputations, high blood pressure, clots strokes and heart attacks
* Risk of pill induced vascular death (strokes and heart attacks) is 10 times higher for women over age 35 taking the pill
* Some of the symptoms that women notice are:
Weight gain
Increase or decrease in acne
Nausea and vomiting
Anxiety and nervousness
High blood pressure
Loss of libido
*Please see the study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine that with long term use loss of libido may be permanent

There are other birth control options out there! Two you may not know about are Ladycomp and Centchroman.

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