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Saturday, October 25, 2008



Wednesday, October 22, 2008

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my life: not so great, actually

so, for those of you who i rarely/never see in real life, this is what's going on:

my cat has cancer. the vet wants to amputate her leg.

i'm working 32 hours a week, doing a 17 hour a week internship and taking a 4 hour class.

i have sharp pains in my stomach, ringing in my ears, and more or less continuous low-grade headaches.

i'm exhausted all the time. on friday, i laid down on my couch to relax at 4 pm and woke up at noon on saturday. i then went out for lunch. when i came home after lunch, i decided to TAKE A NAP.

i haven't cleaned my apartment since...august?

i have pink eye. but it's hard to tell since both of my eyes are red and swollen due to all the crying i've been doing lately (see above).