For *those that have just lost their keys *those that are well-versed *inebriated ones *wanderers *mermaids *those that belong elsewhere *whippersnappers *marvelous ones *those that are not included in this classification *those that flutter because the moment is fleeting *boundless ones *those colored with slippery fingerpaint *others *those that resemble someone I know from a distance

Saturday, August 15, 2009

we call each other

we call each other
we call each other

i stood on the edge of the deck
toes wiggling in the darkness
and my phone died
or rather
it became
and i laid on my back
looking into the night sky
(or what i could i see of it from the southwest edge of the city)
feeling my heart beat in my chest
the length of my bones
the forest of my nervous system
thinking of you and your flashlight
walking home
and there is no end to this
we are forever becoming

i know you understand
(more than anyone)



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